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Family of Fort Worth Hit and Run Victim Asks for Help Finding Driver Who Hit Him

Fort Worth Police are asking for help to find the driver in a fatal hit-and-run crash. 27-year-old Michael Corrigan died last week while crossing U.S. Highway 287 access road in Southeast Fort Worth.

NBC 5 spoke with Corrigan's family about the brother they lost and the closure they're seeking.

"We were inseparable," said Rebekah Corrigan, pointing to a picture of her with her brother Michael Corrigan.

For Michael, one moment in his life changed everything.

"He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar," Rebekah Corrigan said. "It felt like a death, it felt like I lost my brother."

Her older brother Richard Corrigan added, "His personality never changed, he was caring, giving, loving with family and those type of things."

Michael eventually went to live in a group home and slowly his family lost touch.

"I had been trying to find him," Rebekah said. "I just kept having this feeling something bad was going to happen to him."

Then last week, Rebekah got the call that someone had hit Michael while he was walking on the U.S. Highway 287 access road and left him there. He died at the hospital.

"I just cried," she said. "I was just heartbroken."

"That's the hardest part for me is I wasn't there to protect him and see him taken care of," said Richard.

Fort Worth Police have no witnesses and very little to go on. They're asking anyone with information to come forward.

"Let us know what happened so that we can maybe find some peace of mind," Richard said.

Now, while they wonder why that driver didn't look back, Michael's family is looking forward to his legacy.

"A lot of people really cared for Michael, despite his mental illness," Rebekah said.

It’s a reminder that a troubled mind, doesn't mean an empty heart.

The crash happened around 6:00 a.m. on Thursday April 11. Anyone with information should call Fort Worth Police at 817-392-4885.

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