No Answers in Missy Bevers' Murder, Family Members Frustrated

Midlothian has been thrust into the national, even international, spotlight following the murder of Missy Bevers inside Creekside Church April 18, 2016. 

Video of the suspect inside the church before her murder has been shared across the country, but police have not been able to identify the person seen in tactical gear inside the church before her murder.

"We are very frustrated at this point that there are no answers after seven weeks," said Missy Bevers' sister-in-law Kristi Stout in a text message Tuesday.

Police have said family, friends and co-workers are not suspects. 

"This entire event has changed our lives and no matter what we say, there are people out there who blame my family for Missy's death," Stout wrote.

The murder has captured headlines around the world and placed attention on the quiet town of Midlothian. 

Mayor Pro Tem Joe Frizzell says being in the spotlight hasn't impacted the city, but the murder itself has had an impact.

"It impacted the city not from the international exposure, anything that like or the national exposure. It's from the exposure that we had something happen in our town that we would've rather not had happen, and we want it solved," Frizzell said.

Frizzell noted there are a lot of positive things happening across the city, like a new multi-sport activity park and new industrial park being developed, but he noted that keeping Bevers' murder in the headlines could help generate new tips and potential leads for police.

"We're a very caring community and we're a very close community and something like that has to have an impact for everybody," Frizzell said.

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