Family, Media View Video of Man’s Death in Dallas Jail Lobby

The family of a man who died in a Dallas County jail lobby has been shown surveillance video of the panic-stricken man's erratic behavior before being subdued and handcuffed by deputies and losing consciousness.

Joseph Hutcheson's family had demanded to see the 40-minute silent video of the 48-year-old Arlington man's death Aug. 1. Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez later screened the video for reporters.

The video shows Hutcheson rush into the lobby, approach people sitting on a bench, then sit alone on the bench. He gets up and moves erratically around the lobby as deputies follow.

A struggle ensues, Hutcheson is handcuffed, flails his legs, then stops moving. The deputies remove the handcuffs and begin efforts to revive the man that failed.

Autopsy results are pending. Deputies had said they restrained Hutcheson because he posed a threat to himself and others.

***WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing ***The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has released the 40-minute video of the Aug. 1 jailhouse death of 48-year-old Joseph Hutcheson, of Arlington. Note: The video does not have audio.
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