Dallas Police Say Man Shot by Officer Had Loaded Gun

Family disputes police account of shooting

Dallas police said a police officer shot a 21-year-old during a traffic stop Saturday night in self defense.

In a statement Monday, police said Officer Leland Limbaugh fired when John Robert Husband reached for a gun in his waistband.

The shooting happened at about 6 p.m. at an apartment complex in the 3600 block of Folklore Trail near Kiest Boulevard and South Polk Street in Dallas.

Police said Limbaugh pulled Husband over for failing to signal a turn and smelled marijuana coming from the car. When asked if there were weapons in the car, Husband told the officer there were not, police said.

Limbaugh saw the handle of a gun in Husband's waistband when he asked him to step out of the car and submit to a pat-down, according to the police statement.

Police said Limbaugh went to handcuff Husband right away and told him not to reach for the gun. A struggle ensued, and Husband got his right hand free and reached for the gun, police said.

Limbaugh, fearing for his life, fired one shot, hitting Husband in the left shoulder blade, Dallas police said. The officer then pulled the fully loaded .40 caliber handgun from Husband's hand and placed it on the hood of the cruiser as he waited for backup and an ambulance to arrive, police said.

Officers who arrived on the scene handcuffed Husband.

Husband was transported to Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Medical Examiner's Office told NBC 5 that Husband was killed by a gunshot wound to the back.

Limbaugh's car was not equipped with a video camera. Dallas police said 92 percent of all patrol vehicles are equipped with dashboard cameras, but Limbaugh is currently on special assignment.

Police said Limbaugh, who was not injured, is on paid leave. The shooting is being investigated internally, as is done with any officer-involved shooting.

Dallas police hired Limbaugh in November 2009. He has had no disciplinary action on his record.

Police said the gun in Husband's possession was reported in Plano as lost. Police said they found marijuana on Husband after the shooting.

Husband has a criminal record for evading arrest that his family said was for traffic violations.

Grieving Family Disputes Police Account

Husband's family said he never pulled out a gun. The family said he arrived at a friend's house and was later handcuffed by police. He tried to run and that's when the family said police shot him.

"He didn't make it farther than a few feet and he shot him in the back," said his father, John Husband.

John Robert Husband is survived by his 1-year old son.

Amber Gurley, Husband's girlfriend, told NBC 5 that she doesn't know what she'll do without him.

"He helped me so much," she said. "He helped me raise [our kid] so much."

The family has hired a lawyer and said they want justice.

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