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Family Frustrated Over Lack of Answers Two Months After Daughter's Death

The mother of woman found dead after falling from an apartment complex’s parking garage is speaking out. Two months after she lost her daughter, she believes the killer is walking free.

Just before midnight on September 23rd, Dallas Police say they responded to North Hall Street near Ross. They say 26-year-old Taylor Gruwell fell from the parking garage, and the medical examiner’s office confirmed she died from blunt force trauma. Neither, however, are sure whether Taylor jumped or was forced. Her family says there’s no question.

“My daughter was not suicidal. My daughter was terrified of heights. My daughter did not want to die,” said Gruwell’s mother Angela Norris. 

At the time of her death, family says Gruwell was in a facility being treated for anxiety and postpartum depression. They believed she was reaching recovery and would soon be ready to head home.

“She was smiling and happy and couldn’t wait to go back to school,” said Norris.

Gruwell’s sister Caroline said in letters to every member of the family, Taylor talked about the future and what she would do with them once she was back home.

“In the letter she had written to her kids, she wrote ‘Are you excited for Halloween? Can’t wait to see your costumes’,” said Caroline Gruwell.

Last week Dallas Police released surveillance video from the night of Taylor's death. In it, she's seen holding a man's hand, one family says she met just two weeks prior in the facility where she was being treated.

“I don’t get a good vibe. You need to stay away from this person," said Norris about a day she saw her daughter make eye contact with him. “What I felt and what I saw that day plays a big role in how I feel today.”

Police say the video shows the two arrive together, but the man leaves alone. They say he's been uncooperative with their investigation. The detective said while they'd like to talk to him, there's not enough evidence to charge him. 

That's why they're asking people to take a look at the surveillance video to see if they recognize other people who were around the night of her death. They're hoping someone will know something that will lead to answers.

“It’s just baffling to me that this person is still walking around like nothing happened, and my daughter is six feet under the ground and I’m going to her grave and trying to figure out how to explain to her children that mommy’s never coming back," said Norris.

Anyone who recognizes the other people seen in the security video or who have any information are asked to contact Detective Chaney with the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-3650 or derick.chaney@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us. Please refer to case #218587-2017.

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