Family Demanding Dallas Police to Re-Examine Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Police claim Elias Portillo pointed a gun at officer in foot chase

Christopher Wagner is a decorated Dallas police officer. Elias Portillo was a man with a criminal rap sheet.

A week and a half ago, Wagner shot and killed Portillo during a foot chase. Dallas police said Portillo pointed his gun at Wagner.

Portillo's family is disputing whether he pointed a gun.

"The police can't justify it," said Joaquin Portillo, Elias' older brother. "We don't need a second look, but a third look, fourth, fifth, so on and on."

On Aug. 24, police said Wagner pulled over Portillo on West Davis Street. The car had a license plate that appeared to belong to a different vehicle. Police said Portillo ran down Kramer Street, turned and pointed a gun at Wagner.

Wagner fired his gun.

"He [Portillo] is the type who would run, but he wouldn't pull a gun on nobody," said family friend Monica Galvan. "It doesn't make sense. He would not point a gun, especially when he already knows he's going to be arrested."

Two dozen people, including friends, family and members of Mothers Against Police Brutality, attended a vigil for Portillo on Sunday night.

"This was a situation of disputed facts. It's also a situation where the police ... may have not been top notch," said John Fullinwider, co-founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality. "The neighbors say he didn't have a gun. He wasn't armed. Police say he was."

Wagner is a 19-year police veteran and was recognized by the Dallas Police Association with a Cop's Cop Officer of the Year award in 2013.

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