Family, Dallas Police Search For Answers After Woman Found Badly Hurt

A Lake Dallas family is searching for answers after 45-year-old Janine Guthrie was found bleeding and unconscious on Mockingbird Lane, near I-35 on March 18.

According to Dallas Police, officers found Guthrie near her car and the case was initially treated as an injured person.

But later that day, Guthrie told her husband that a grey pickup backed into her car. She went on to say that when she got out to take photos, the other driver involved sped off and hit her.

"He hit her in the back, she spun around, tried to grab the rear view mirror and he drug her for an unknown amount of time," Fred Guthrie said.

Dallas Police said they are searching for suspects and witnesses and have subpoenaed nearby businesses for their surveillance video.

Guthrie said his wife remains hospitalized and suffered cuts, bruises and a severe head injury that has left her struggling with memory and mood control.

"I'm very unsure of the person that will be coming home, it may not be my wife," Guthrie said.

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