North Texas

Families Without a Home After Fire Destroys Apartment Building

Half a dozen North Texas families have lost everything this Thanksgiving Day after fire destroyed their apartment building in Arlington. 

The flames broke out Thursday morning at a complex on Cotton Creek Circle. 

"I was screaming to my mom to get out. There was no time to get anything. I just rushed out of there. Thankfully we're OK, but I'm still in shock," said resident Alexis Gonzalez. 

Deputy Chief Randy Schmelz with the Arlington Fire Department says the call came in just before 11 a.m. 

Firefighters said when they arrived, there was so much smoke they couldn’t even see the building. 

Schmelz said nine people living in six units were displaced. 

Red Cross is helping them find another place to stay.  

"I smelled smoke and at first thought someone was cooking turkey, until I came out. I saw smoke blowing. Then we realized that's not someone cooking. So we got out of there, took all our dogs," said resident Alexis Seam. 

The Arlington Fire Department is still investigating how the fire started, and why.

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