Families Say Prayer May Help Bring Medical Miracles

Studies have shown that prayer may help people heal from illness, but people all over the world – including families in North Texas – say they have the proof they need.

The Selby family is one of those families.

Kimberly Selby gave birth to her daughter, Davee, at just 25 weeks gestation.

"You don't really expect for them to come so early," Selby said.

Davee weighed less than two pounds when she was born four months early.

"There was absolutely nothing I could do to change her situation, expect love her and pray for her," Selby said.

The power of prayer has been the focus of medical studies all over the world, and while some researchers say science cannot prove prayer's healing power, others say prayer can – in fact – improve health by giving people a way to better cope with stress.

"Their medical well-being, their psychological well-being, their social being, of course, their spiritual well-being is improved because of the power of prayer," said Millicent Albert, a chaplain at Baylor Scott and White Dallas, who also believes prayer goes beyond well-being.

"I've seen so many miracles come out of the neonatal intensive care that my faith has been increased, and I will never be the same," Albert said.

Davee is one of those miracles, as she's defied the odds and developed without complications.

"We did eventually take her home. It didn't happen the way most people thought it would, but God has a plan for everybody," Selby said.

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