Families Raise Concerns Over Conditions at Dallas' Restland Cemetery

Two Dallas families say conditions at Restland Cemetery have deteriorated to the point of "disrespect."

"To have to come out here and see this deplorable condition, he deserves so much better than this," said Tami Loudder, whose husband is buried at Restland.

In recent months Loudder says grass has died, graves have become partially covered and trees have gone untrimmed.

"It is just so frustrating to see the condition of this place, they assured us it would be green and pretty," said Norma Langston, whose daughter is buried at Restland.

In a statement, Restland Cemetery placed the blame on recent weather conditions. Telling NBC 5:

"We recognize and are actively working through the complexities associated with keeping our 375+ acres maintained to the highest standards possible, despite challenging circumstances which include a lack of rainfall for more than two months, extremely warm temperatures and the difficulty associated with growing grass in shaded areas. We're actively exploring and implementing a variety of measures to address any locations within the cemetery that have been adversely affected by the unusual weather conditions."

But Loudder and Langston say the problems go back months and their concerns and requests for help have gone largely unanswered.

"My son and I have repeatedly contacted Restland, I have sent email, after email, after email," Loudder said.

Both families say they hope conditions can be restored to what they once were.

"It's not just about me, it's a crusade, I'm determined changes have to be made," Loudder said.

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