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Families Considering In-Home Care For Loved Ones

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Nursing homes are reporting coronavirus cases in North Texas.  Families can’t go in to visit loved ones during this.

This has some people considering in-home care assistance as an option even during the times of social-distancing.

"It's very much a good alternative and so hopefully we'll get through this together and we can go back to normal," said Ron Mendelsohn who is using home health care for his brother-in-law. 

Medelsohn's brother-in-law has Parkinson’s disease.

A care provider from Home Care Assistance of Arlington gives him that helping hand.

"The big part is sometimes just the companionship because my brother lived by himself and wasn't a person who was an extrovert so he wouldn't go out and meet new people," Mendelsohn said.

“Our care team enables seniors to age in their home and safely shelter in place in their home during these fragile times,” said Home Care Assistance client care manager Brie Gardner.

Home Care Assistance of Arlington says it's seen more people inquiring about home care as an alternative to other facilities during coronavirus.

"Our services allow our clients to be in their homes, receive the care that they need and it also gives them a sense of comfort and sense of control over what's going on," Gardner said.

Since most of their clients are in the high-risk age category for coronavirus they take special precautions. That includes masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes and more.

“We use and apply whenever they go to a client’s house to clock in,” Gardner said. “Before they are even allowed to clock in to a shift they have to answer a series of questions and if they answer 'yes' to any of those, I’m alerted and they aren’t able to clock into that shift.”

Families appreciate the extra measure of safety.

"Telling us they were going to wear masks, they were doing temperature checks, they were doing all the things that really kept my brother-in-law safe," Mendelsohn said.

Also, there is a dedicated care giver for each family which helps to limit exposure.

"That caregiver is really keeping her family and her best interest in essence and also our family at best interest,” Mendelsohn said. 

“So, it really just limits the spread."

You should do thorough research to decide if this is type of care is right for your family.

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