Fort Worth

Families Celebrate Holiday Season During Record Warm Christmas

It was another unseasonably warm day in North Texas, one day after Christmas 

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It was a breezy day at Sundance Square in Fort Worth, filled with people snapping photos around the giant Christmas tree. 

The Ballard family walked their dogs, as the temperature climbed higher. 

“It’s very hot. I’m sweating actually,” said Pat Ballard. 

Pat Ballard and her kids said the weather made it challenging to get into the cozy Christmas spirit. 

“I’d rather it be a little cooler at Christmas anyway. Not too cool though, not ice,” said Ballard 

Locals know how unpredictable Texas weather can be. 

“I’m pretty used to it. It’s Texas. You never know what you’re going to get,” said Pat’s daughter Blair Ballard. 

Some wore short sleeves and shorts, embracing the warm weather. 

The Ramos family from Burleson didn’t mind it one bit. 

“We had to crank up the AC, but we still put on our sweaters and pajamas and all the good stuff. It didn’t kill the vibe. It’s still nice. We’re with family and everything so, we enjoy it,” said Laura Ramos. 

Temperatures are supposed to drop off into the 60s later this week, with New Year’s weekend feeling a little cooler than Christmas.  

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