Families Arriving at DFW Say They've Got More To Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

After extended absences during the pandemic, families say they've missed hugging and spending time with loved ones

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You saw a lot of extra tight hugs at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday.

Many people saw their loved ones for the first time after being apart during a pandemic.

"Miss her and miss all my family,” Frances Norris said, who picked up her sister at the airport. “It's been a hard time, but it's coming to an end."

"We're big huggers so we miss hugging each other," Norris’ sister, Prather McKinnon, said.

You could also see signs of excitement from other families.

Bob Schaeffer and his wife are welcoming home their daughters from college with hand-decorated posters.

They've only been apart since August, but they still cherish every moment coming together again during these uncertain times.

"I know COVID has not been kind to a lot of people and I think everybody across America is relieved they can be reunited with loved ones and just share this experience," Bob Schaeffer said.

"With COVID and everything, it's so hard just being able to see family in itself and the fact we are able to be able to travel like this again and be able to come home after being away at college for so long, it's really a nice feeling," Schaeffer’s daughter, Laura Schaeffer, said.

Whether apart for just a few months or over a year because of the pandemic, they all have a little extra to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

"Family, health, things are getting better, and things are looking up so, I'm thankful for that," Norris said.

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