Farmersville Police Warn Residents After Mail Theft Discovered

Farmersville police are warning residents about some recent mail thefts that have taken place.

According to a Facebook post published by the department, someone has been stealing mail from the U.S. Mail Box located at the downtown square mall.

This was discovered after an attempt to pass a check at a local bank that was, thankfully, unsuccessful and prompted an investigation.

In addition to this, Collin County Sheriff’s Office discovered a large amount of mail that was dumped into a creek. Investigators said it appeared the mail was taken directly out of residential mailboxes.

“Historically, we’ve had one other theft of mail from this same mail box approximately two years previous in which a suspect was identified and ultimately prosecuted for their crime. In both cases the US Postal Service Police were notified and who ultimately has jurisdiction in the theft of mail. Theft of mail is a Federal Felony offense,” the post read.

“After talking with the Farmersville Postmaster and based on recent activity, we want to encourage everyone to please take the time to go in and place your mail directly inside the post office drop box. Additionally, we’re seeking ways to better secure the mailbox in addition to adding video surveillance in the future. It’s unfortunate that we have to ask our citizens to change normal everyday behaviors but feel it’s necessary to limit other potential mail theft victims in the future.”

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