False threat prompts lockdown at Rockwall High School, 1 arrested

An image circulating the web claimed the alleged gunman was hiding outside of the school with a rifle

NBC 5 News

An arrest was made by police Friday morning after a “false threat” against Rockwall High School forced the campus into a cautionary lockdown.

According to the Rockwall Police Department, the high school was placed on a “Hold” protocol around 11:30 a.m. after hearing reports of a threat being made against the school.

Shortly after, the school was placed on a “Secure” protocol while RHS administrators and resource officers investigated the reports.

RPD said officers immediately started following up on leads, and their investigation resulted in the alleged offender being arrested in another area.

Rockwall Police told NBC 5 that a picture of a rifle leaning against a police car was shared on social media after the incident. The caption claimed that the firearm belonged to the "suspect," who was allegedly hiding outside the school with the weapon. Nevertheless, the authorities have debunked this claim, stating it is entirely false.

Based on the preliminary investigation, police said they found no evidence that showed the person who made the threats was on or near the campus, nor did the individual have a weapon when they were arrested.

The incident is still under investigation by the Rockwall Police Department Criminal Investigation Division.

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