North Texas

Fall ‘Football’ Weather Dominates Friday Night

Friday night football fans braced for temperatures nearly 30 degrees colder Friday evening than last week's games in North Texas.

A cold front that arrived Friday brought brisk temperatures, whipping winds and light drizzle that didn’t let up.

Fans, like mother and daughter Rhonda and Marisa Hunter, of Plano, came prepared by dressing in scarves, long sleeves, hoodies and blankets.

"When I was little and coming to these games, it seemed to not be hot as late in the year as it is nowadays. This is more football weather to me,” said Rhonda Hunter.

They said at last week's game, they were dressed in capri pants and t-shirts.

"It's better to be cold, cause then you can huddle up and share team spirit," said Marisa Hunter.

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