Farmers Branch

Fake Officers in Two SUVs Pull Over Driver in Farmers Branch

Driver unhurt after being stopped by two men posing as police officers

Farmers Branch police are looking for two men who impersonated officers and stopped a driver Saturday night.

According to police, a driver reported being pulled over at about 10 p.m. while driving along the 13500 block of Webb Chapel Road.

The driver told police they were stopped by a man in an unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe with red and blue emergency lights. The driver said the "officer" was wearing a blue jumpsuit, identified himself as Officer T. Martinez, and asked for identification and insurance information.

The driver said a second person, in a second unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe, pulled up and that that person, too, was wearing a blue jumpsuit.

The driver told police they were released without being harmed or having anything taken.

Farmers Branch police told NBC 5 that the two people who stopped the driver were not Farmers Branch police officers and that the unmarked SUVs were not police vehicles.

The FWPD said they do not conduct traffic stops in unmarked vehicles unless it's an extreme or emergency situation and that all patrol vehicles are clearly marked and the officers are in clearly identifiable police uniforms.

If you are ever unsure of who is pulling you over, or if the emergency lights look out of place or unusual, before stopping your vehicle call 911 to confirm the vehicle trying to initiate the stop is a legitimate officer.

Investigators would like to talk with anyone who may have had a similar experience. Anyone with information about the men or anyone who had contact with them is asked to call 972-919-9138.

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