Fake Masseur Going Door-to-Door in Denton

A Denton woman said a man posing as a masseur-in-training talked his way into her home Monday for a massage, asked her inappropriate questions and asked her for a date.

The 21-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, said she didn't think anything was fishy at first. The man knocked on the door of her apartment and told her he was in the area giving massages as part of field hours he needed to fill for a class.

"He looks like a guy, a regular guy -- a college student, you know? He didn't seem like, you know, creepy or anything," the woman said.

But she said she shouldn't have let him inside

"I feel like I got away so easily, and it could have been so much more," she said. "I was just amazed. God was watching over me."

The man told her the massages were free. He said she would just need to go online to his school, nearby ATI, and vouch for him.

The school said it has no record of the man.

The woman said the man didn't seem prepared to give a massage.

"He actually had to ask me for lotion," she said. "He didn't even bring his own."

He also didn't bring a massage table and asked if they could use her bed. Instead, she suggested her sofa.

The woman refused to take off her clothes, opting for a tank top and shorts, but he kept asking her to remove parts of her clothing, she said.

"He was like, "Oh, I see this all the time,'" she said. "And I was like, 'Well, it's true. He's a student; I'm not going to show him anything."

She said she took off her shirt and bra, but remained faced down on her sofa. When the man started massaging her legs, he then asked a question that quickly threw up another red flag, she said.

"He asked me if I wanted an ass massage," she said.

The man also asked her chest size. She said the questions made her uncomfortable, and she quickly grabbed her shirt and asked him to leave.

"He, like, gave me a hug and wouldn't let me go, and that's when he was like, 'Can we go out sometime?'" she said. "(I said) 'No. I have a boyfriend. You need to leave.'"

The woman said she then called her sister, who urged her to call Denton police.

Denton police said the man could be charged with assault by contact, a misdemeanor. Police said they don't know if there are any other victims.

The man is described at a white man in his early 20s with short brown hair and a circular tattoo on his arm. Anyone with information should call Denton police at 940-349-8181.

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