Fake Energy Workers Tell Residents to Pay “Delinquent” Bills

Oncor says workers who visit homes will never ask for payment on the spot

Dallas police are warning residents about schemers posing as energy workers.

Investigators said people posing as energy workers are going door-to-door and ask residents to pay bills that they say are unpaid. The bogus workers tell residents that their power will be shut off if they don't pay.

But Oncor Electric Delivery says that workers who go to homes will never ask for payment on the spot.

Representatives in the field will always carry identification, and people can ask for it if they are unsure if the worker is legitimate, Oncor says.

Police and Oncor say the scheme can also happen over the phone. Dallas police say people should never give out personal information to anyone over the phone.

People should also verify the credentials of anyone who contacts them and claims they need to pay a delinquent bill, police say.

NBC 5's Amanda Guerra contributed to this report.

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