Faithful Wish Makes Widow's Final Farewell Possible

When the hearse carrying 88-year-old Ernie Cunningham's coffin arrived at the gate of the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, it was followed by cars filled with family and friends, and an ambulance carrying Cunningham's wife.

"Part of that grief is to have that connection to continue the bond with him because he's still with them," said Valerie Sanchez of Faith Presbyterian Hospice, which granted a 'Faithful Wish' that allowed medical transport and medics on standby for Cunningham's widow, Gerry, who is in failing health.

"It reinforces your hope again that there is a caring and loving world ready to step up when you need them," said Cunningham's daughter, Jennifer Bearden. 

Gerry was taken out of the ambulance on a rolling gurney, her mind still sharp, but her body frail. 

Gerry was surrounded by family as a uniformed marine handed her the flag from her husband's coffin. 

"I thought he was the best looking man on this Earth," Gerry said of her husband of 65 years. "It's all about love and if your love is strong, it'll take you through anything."

Gerry and Ernie were featured on NBC 5's "Tell Me Something Good" last month after they shared a Facetime serenade on their wedding anniversary from separate hospitals. Ernie died February 28.

"They knew they would be together," said Bearden. "And God made a way today."

The Cunningham family asked for donations to the Union Gospel Mission en lieu of flowers. 

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