Faith Community Plans to Rebuild After Sunday Storms

The faith community has reached across denominational lines to help each other rebuild after Sunday's devastating storms.

A tornado didn't destroy the innocence and energy of children who, just this past Sunday, gathered here to worship.

The congregation of First Mexican Baptist Church is back at square one. The building they've known for decades was gone in seconds.

"Of course, we're going through a loss. So, we are embracing that loss," said Pastor Ricardo Brambila. "We will miss this place of worship and this place of fellowship where there were quinceaneras, there were weddings, funerals, baptisms."

Pastor Ricardo Brambila says faith has been tested, but it's also when the helpers show up. Signs of solidarity can be seen at surrounding churches like Northway Church, where food and supplies are stacked for those in need.

"In this moment the disaster has brought all churches together. There's no denomination right now. It is 'how can we come together and pull together through this,'" he said.

And he's certain new beginnings are soon to come.

"This Sunday we're going to gather under a tent here in the parking lot and just have a beautiful funeral service for this facility. And then have closure. And then Monday morning just begin dreaming," said Brambila.

The members of First Mexican Baptist Church will travel just a few yards down the road to join Northway Church Wednesday for a community dinner. Northway was damaged as well. But dinner tables will be set in the parking lot for the community.

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