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Faith and Finances? Motivational Speaker Says They Can Go Hand in Hand

Delatorro McNeal is a motivational speaker. He's also a man of faith.

More and more companies are listening to his message and buying into his connection of faith and finance.

His words are fast, based in faith, but circle back to finances.

"I think every single one of us are meant to figure out what [is] our calling into the marketplace and help solve problems for people and be compensated for it," says McNeal.

He's traveling the world, hired by churches and some companies to motivate employees and give them a plan of action. A way to help them make more money.

"I think the Bible is the coolest faith-based business book ever written ... I believe it's a great tool to use in business," said McNeal.

McNeal said the stories, motivation, and inspiration found in the Bible are the best stories and motivators for employees to find their inner strength and use it to make more money.

He doesn't think money is an bad word for the religious.

"I think the disconnect comes in where it's all about the Bentley, it's all about the million-dollar home. Blessing is a wholeness word. It means you have enough to take care of yourself and your family, those you love and care about," said McNeal.

So he travels the world sharing the message to use your God-given talents well and use the money to take care of your family, give back to others and spread positive energy.

He's finding a way to share God's message, not just in church but in the marketplace that so many of us rely on.

"I dont have to hit you upside the head with chapter or verse to let my light shine," McNeal said.

McNeil knows many people look at his philosophy with some hesitation but said step one is admitting you make a living using a gift God gave you and if you embrace that then rest falls into place.

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