Fair Food Winners Announced

Fried Bubblegum and more vye for top food at State Fair

Judges got a chance to taste some of the best of the Texas State Fair food on Labor Day.

They gathered for the 7th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards, and tasted the delights of the Top 8 fair foods.

Contenders prepared their best for the judges to decide who had the most creative dish and which tasted the best.

The winners included Allan Weiss who prepared the Fried Buffalo Chicken Flapjack, which won Best Taste.  The Most Creative fair food, went to the Fried Bubble Gum treat. Justin Martinez said he
tried for several years to be a part of the winner's circle and was so happy to win the trophy.

Here's a list of the fair foods that made the Top 8.

Buffalo Chicken in a flapjack
Deep-Fried Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Deep-Fried Texas Salsa™
El Bananarito
Fried Autumn Pie
Fried Bubble Gum
Hans' Kraut Ball
Walking Taco

The dishes will be available beginning Sept. 30 when the Texas State Fair opens at Fair Park in Dallas.

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