Facebook Privacy Changes Are Coming, To Combat Data Concerns

Facebook's new privacy controls are supposed to give you the steps to make it easier to tighten your privacy settings.

If you try to accomplish this on your phone currently, it could take 20 different screens to locate and delete everything. Facebook's change will take all that and reduce it to just one screen.

Got your phone in hand? ready to check it out?

Well, Put the phone away!

The changes are being rolled out in the coming weeks, most of the settings are the same right now but some have already been simplified.

Something you can do right now is download your entire facebook history every post you've made since you signed up.

You have to then dig through it line by line and selectively delete what you want.

It's a little time consuming.

Facebook released a photo of what it will soon look like. There are graphics, in a chart, in one page, to make it easier to go online get your information and choose what you're ok with sharing with the company.

All these changes are coming after news the data firm Cambridge Analytica obtained the facebook profiles of 50 million users  and a campaign encouraging people to delete facebook has picked up steam.

Now the company says they're making it easier for you to stay signed up and control the data that is kept on you.

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