FAA Says No To Unmanned Drones Over Collin County

There won't be any unmanned drones flying over Collin County any time soon.

The sheriff's office's plan has been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration's airspace restrictions and rules concerning unmanned aircraft, according to the McKinney Courier-Gazette.

The Collin County Sheriff's Office wanted to use the unmanned aircraft for air surveillance during emergencies or calls where Texas Department of Public Safety or Dallas Police helicopters were called in to assist.

Apparently, FAA regulations list the majority of Collin County's skies as restricted airspace.

After getting that news, Collin County withdrew its request for a $235,000 federal stimulus grant to buy six drones fitted with cameras, the Dallas Morning news reported.

Another key problem with the plan is that the unmanned aircraft have to be monitored the entire time they are in the air and can not sense objects in their way, such as a bird, which could cause big problems.

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