Expected Rain Not Enough to Cure Drought

Massive amount of rain needed to put of Stage 4 restrictions

While some significant rain is predicted in the forecast starting Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday, it likely won't have any real impact on area lake levels.

"It's not a one rain incident sort of situation that resolves the drought," said Mark Israelson with the City of Plano.  "We need it over a period of time in order to really have the lake levels recover."

Plano is the largest member city of the North Texas Municipal Water District, an agency that supplies water to around one million customers in 47 total municipalities. 

The NTMWD is on the verge of instituting Stage 4 water restrictions.  Stage 4 would all but ban outdoor watering, with no watering of lawns and cars allowed.

Denise Hickey of the NTMWD told NBC 5 Tuesday that it would take something like 8 to 10 inches of rain to provide enough runoff to delay the Stage 4 restrictions.  That amount of rain accumulation would likely take months, not days.

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