Excitement Building at SMU's Moody Coliseum

Wednesday is a huge day for the Southern Methodist University's men's basketball team. The Mustangs are taking on Louisville, the defending National Champions.

Preparations have already started for Wednesday night's game at Moody Coliseum. The game is already sold out and the excitement on campus is huge.

Everyone who has bought a ticket will get a free white SMU T-shirt. They started laying them out on the seats Wednesday morning.

Students are also getting ready for the big game. Several of them were helping with preparations at the coliseum including SMU student body president Ramon Trespalacios.

Trespalacios has become a staple at all of the basketball games and is known for the red lobster costume he wears.

He says he has several costumes and this is the only one that represents one of the school’s colors.

Trespalacios says this basketball season has been special.

"We are having the opportunity to have an undefeated season at home, which I don't think we have had in the past, and it's a ranked team above us," said Trespalacios. "We always like an upset. We have had a lot this year. It's just a lot of these things that keep coming."

Before this season, they had not sold out a basketball game at Moody Coliseum since 2001.

This year seven home games have been sold out.

The SMU-Louisville game starts at 6 p.m.

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