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Tell Me Something Good: Mom Shares Pic of Her ‘Happy Tired' Kiddos

Thousands of North Texas kids went back to school this week. Adjusting to the new routine can be tough – and tiring.

The little ones in elementary school , especially, are sometimes worn out by the end of the day.

Cindy Burlin, of Fort Worth, just couldn’t resist sharing a picture of her trio.

Burlin told us her twin kindergartners and her second grader crashed Monday as they all waited in the car for an after school treat from Sonic.

Burlin said on that first day, “they all woke up extra early on their own because they were so excited for school.”

The adrenalin was all gone, though, by the end of the day, and the kids just couldn’t stay awake – even for their favorite treat.

Burlin said “there’s no tired like the first day of school tired.”

And, she knows this well. Burlin is an award-winning music teacher at Tanglewood Elementary School. Her children go there, too, so Monday brought another big moment for the family. It was the first day for Burlin and her three children to all go to the same school for the first time

The veteran educator fully appreciated the sweet moment in back of the family car as her pooped-out kids took some time for a little cat nap.

“They are so very happy and love school. That’s why I love the photo. It’s a very happy tired, which any parent loves, “ she wrote to NBC 5.

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