Eviction Clinic Held in Dallas to Help Families Affected by COVID-19

It was the first of its kind clinic to help families facing eviction

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Inside the Oak Cliff Government Center sat people facing uncertainty and some facing evictions.

“Hopefully with having the agencies here, like United Way, and the county and the city, it might help them expedite the application process,” said Juan Jasso, Justice of the Peace.

Jasso and other city officials and leaders organized the clinic to help people get financial assistance.

“There has always been a need, but I think the pandemic has exacerbated the need because people obviously lost their jobs, had their salaries cut, and they fell behind,” said Jasso.

Community agencies guided over 100 families who showed up, unsure of what to do.

“We also have attorneys from North Texas Legal Aid. It’s to give people an opportunity to come and get some legal advice, but also to apply for rental assistance,” said Jasso.

It’s a one-stop shop clinic full of resources and hope.

“All of us have been affected by COVID-19, and all of us have been affected by the rising prices in the grocery stores and in rent. So that’s where the rubber meets the road, right here,” said Theresa Daniel, Dallas County Commissioner District 1.

Landlords were also able to get assistance and information at the Eviction Clinic.

City leaders say more events are planned for the future.

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