‘Everybody Wants Some!!' Movie Review

"Everybody Wants Some!!" takes place in Texas in 1980 as a group of college baseball players bond together over one long weekend before the start of a new school year. For some, it's that rare moment in life when you truly experience freedom for the first time.

It's also another breezy, brilliant dose of cinematic reality from Austin film-maker, Richard Linklater, the creator of "Bernie," "Dazed and Confused," "Boyhood" and " Before Midnight."

Like all Linklater films, his rhythm is a beautiful series of human arias that focuses on the moment, but while you are watching, you can't help project the future of each and every individual, especially Jake Bradford, played with ease and substance by Blake Jenner. A freshman pitcher who loves music, loves college girls and faces each new teammate with wide-eyed wonder and genuine affection. 

The Dallas Morning News’ culture critic Chris Vognar reviews “Everybody Wants Some” by Richard Linklater.

Blake is surrounded by what could have been a cliched-filled 1980s fraternity house of baseball jocks from Central Casting, but not Linklater, he knows too much about his subjects to let them wallow. Yes, there is a healthy dose of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but in Linklater's hands, it feels welcoming and natural.

Glenn Powell is terrific as Finn, the self-appointed pick up artist. Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell's former hockey playing son) plays Willoughby, the house stoner with some weird philosophies. Juston Street, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Quinton John -- they are all good in this sweet-natured, unapologetic film.

Yes, "Everybody Wants Some!!" is focused mostly on male attitudes and behavior, but there is also a luminous, understated performance in this film by Zoey Deutch as Beverly, a smart foil to the flirting by Jake. Zoey is the daughter of actress Lea Thompson.

"Everybody Wants Some!!" is rated R for obvious reasons but despite all the misbehaving and illegal activity taking place on this fictional Texas college campus, Linklater never judges or points a finger, he leaves any and all judgement to the audience.

His movie simply lives and breathes Texas in 1980, and features a great sing-along soundtrack that will either remind you of your own college days or remind you of what you probably missed.

It doesn't get any more authentic than "Everybody Wants Some!!."

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