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Ever Get A Phone Call From Your Own Phone Number?

Robocallers are using new tactics to get you to answer their call.

They call, all the time -- The long pause, then the sales pitch for roofing, car warranties or student loans.

They do it so much most of us know their tricks. They call from a number with the first three numbers as your own.

We've learned to ignore those calls, so they've come up with a new way, calling you, as you.

“People immediately see their number show up on their caller ID and you have this panic moment, this urgent reaction and people are enticed to pick up the phone," said Phylissia Clark of the Better Business Bureau.

If you're one of those people who still have a home phone, you may wonder if your spouse or kids are calling and you answer.

The Better Business Bureau says this new tactic is just the beginning.

“They're getting really specific and sophisticated. The scammers know a little bit more about you,” said Clark.

They've seen telemarketers taking the time to figure out where you work and calling your from your office number. They will try anything they think will get you to answer the phone.

We've talked about the Do Not Call Registry, making sure you’re on it. We’ve also told you about apps that block robocalls from your cellphones.

They all help a little bit but the annoying calls keep getting through.

The FCC and phone companies have created task forces to try to come up with ways to outsmart these robocallers.

There is no fix just yet, but they're actively working to find a solution.

Here's one idea you may not have thought of: When filling out forms online, don't put in your phone number unless required. Sometimes those numbers get into the wrong hands.

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