Even Campaign Signs Can Go Green

Arlington company offers to covert signs into plastic pellets

An Arlington company is giving North Texans a way to recycle their thousands of political signs -- for free.

Inovar Packaging Group is offering take any corrugated plastic political signs and convert them into plastic pellets.

"We try to go green, and this is a great way to promote business," said Linh Nguyen, Inovar Packaging manager.

The company can't recycle cardboard signs coated with plastic, only corrugated plastic signs.

"People have been hesitant, because they think this costs them money to come recycle," said Bridget Parham, of Inovar Packaging. "This is all done free of charge."

In Collin County alone, Democrats said they handed out 8,000 Obama-Biden signs, and Republicans said they gave out 10,000 McCain-Palin signs.

"It seems like they've been up forever and ever, and they need to go away now," voter Debra Bittner said.

"I feel that they are distractions, especially for people driving, even, and I think that they dirty up the yards," voter Velene Halbert said.

Political parties normally start picking signs up the day after the election. State law gives campaigns 10 days to remove its signs.

"The elections are over," Bittner said. "It's time to get them out of the way. Let's go on with our business."

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