Even College Grads Can Work a Street Corner

Baylor grad looks for work with cardboard sign in downtown Dallas

A recent Baylor University graduate is pounding the pavement  in downtown Dallas looking for employment -- literally.

Richard Notgrass, who graduated from Baylor a few weeks ago, has been holding up a cardboard sign advertising his job availability at the corner of Pearl Street and Woodall Rogers Freeway for the past three days.

"I was having such a hard time getting interviews, I figured I would get creative and innovative," Notgrass said.

The 26-year-old has a degree in communications and a background in commercial real estate.

"But I am willing to try new endeavors," he said.

Notgrass said he handed out more than a dozen resumes and collected even more cards from kind strangers.

"People have been so nice, if they can't help, they say they know someone who can," he said. "Let's hope so." 

Notgrass said he gets plenty of smiles and lots of waves.

He even got one job offer that he turned down, he said. A woman stopped and hinted at offering him a job in the adult entertainment industry.

"I turned her down," he said. "I am sure there are better jobs out there, though they may not pay as much."

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