Pets Evacuated During Isaac Seek Forever Homes

Dogs, cats from Louisiana and Mississippi are looking for North Texas homes

While the waters left behind by Hurricane Isaac have receded along the Gulf Coast, the storm's animal evacuees are still looking for homes.

The SPCA of Texas took in 437 animals in the week Hurricane Isaac came ashore.

"We had to shut down our admitting department, our animal surrender department, to make room for all the animals coming in," said Maura Davies, SPCA of Texas spokeswoman.

Davies said post-Hurricane Katrina agreements mean inland agencies take in animals to clear out coastal shelters in order to make room for incoming animals from the disaster zones.

"These were animals who were already looking for homes before the hurricane hit," Davies said.

The agencies that take in the animals must find homes for the evacuated animals.

As of Thursday, 73 of the Louisiana and Mississippi animals had been adopted.

The SPCA of Texas also has plenty of other animals. It experienced a perfect storm of sorts the week Isaac hit. In the seven-day period after it received the Isaac evacuees, the shelter also became home to animals seized in a Hunt County animal cruelty case and the closure of a puppy mill.

The shelter is used to being on-call to take in large numbers of animals, but it had to make some accommodations, Davies said.

Some cats are temporarily living in one of the SPCA of Texas barns in McKinney. The cruelty case also brought in about 80 chickens, one duck and other birds.

The McKinney site is also holding a large number of rabbits.

Davies said adoption prices start at just $50.

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