Estimated Seven-Million Texans on the Road

Two percent more Texans driving to see family and friends this Christmas compared to last year.

Perfect weather for a road trip Saturday.  Getting to friends and family should be a breeze.

"I have two kids so there's no telling what to expect," joked Jackie Hernandez of Arlington as she and her daughters set out to West Texas.

Hernandez may not know what to expect from her kids, but she can expect to pay less for gas.  The price per gallon just went down another six cents last week.  It's under $3 per gallon a lot of places.

"It's better," said Taieasha Cash of DeSoto who's heading to Mississippi.  "Last year it [the price of gas] was horrible... So traveling [this year] is going to be easy for me coming and going."

AAA Texas says the average Texas family will drive about 750 miles round trip this Christmas holiday season.  And there will be more families hitting the road.  About two-percent more or 7.1-million people.

"Last year when we went on Christmas we were struck in traffic for like four hours on [Interstate] 20," remembered Jackie Hernandez.  "It turned a two-hour trip into seven hours."

AAA Texas sayas with so many people on the roads and so much going on in their own lives, watch out for distracted drivers.  Better yet, don't be one.

"We really want people to put those cell phones away," said Doug Shupe, AAA Texas spokesperson. "That's the biggest problem when it comes to distracted drivers. Turn it off and stow it away."

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