ERCOT issues Weather Watch ahead of higher temperatures and electrical demand

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ERCOT, the operator of Texas’ power grid, is issuing a Weather Watch from June 25 to June 30 in anticipation of high temperatures paired with expected higher electrical demand across the state.

Grid conditions are expected to be normal however reserves may be lower.

"ERCOT is trying to be more transparent," University of Houston Energy Fellow Ed Hirs said.

Hirs said the Weather Watch is something people should pay attention to.

"I think what ERCOT is explaining is it's going to be hot and the grid is going to be stressed," Hirs said.

The power grid manager of Texas is issuing a weather watch ahead of extreme heat and increased energy consumption across the state.

"We do bring them outside when the sun is going down because it is getting hotter out here," said Angelique Grace from a park in Euless. She and her family are already preparing for what's to come knowing temperatures will likely be over 100 degrees for several days ahead.

"Staying hydrated,” Grace said. “Just staying cool. Keeping that air conditioner running."

ERCOT said there is a possibility of reaching an all-time peak demand record next week. But adds there is enough capacity to meet forecasted demand. Still, ERCOT says it will monitor conditions closely and will deploy all available tools to manage the grid.

Hirs still has concerns looking towards the future.

"As the economy of Texas keeps growing while the population keeps growing our ability to service electricity needs during peak demand periods during the summer and winter is diminishing," Hirs said.

People who have lived through Texas power issues before are just trying to remain hopeful.

"Well let's just hope they don't start doing those outages again,” Grace said. “That would suck just because it is hot and we need that AC running and keeping cool. We are in 2023 so I would hope they would do better."

You can track the ERCOT Supply and Demand Dashboard here.

ERCOT energy-saving tips can be found here.

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