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EPISD Board of Trustees Considers No Homework Policy

The El Paso Independent School District is reviewing research, data, and suggestions about potentially eliminating homework in elementary schools

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El Pado's biggest school district is looking at the possibility of eliminating homework at all of its elementary schools.

According to a report from KTSM, the El Paso Independent School District board of trustees received research and data Tuesday morning. The research includes recommendations and suggestions for the elementary schools to consider regarding the appropriate amount of homework students should be given.

One of these suggestions is the "10-minute rule", which would mean that a student's daily homework assignments should only require 10 minutes multiplied by the student's grade level, KTSM reports.

Some school board members said the “No Homework” policy would benefit elementary school students because they could instead dedicate more time to reading after school.

Right now, only two of 43 campuses in El Paso Independent School District have "No Homework" policy, KTSM reports.

KTSM reported that the school district board of trustees is expected to revisit the discussion in December or January.

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