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Environmental Protection Division Brings in 1500% More Money From Civil Litigation Lawsuits Than 2020 Year

The 2021 Fiscal Year has contributed $2.4 million in civil litigation, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Monday

The 2021 Fiscal Year has already brought in $2.4 million in civil litigation through the Environmental Protection Division, which is 1500% more than the 2020 year according to an announcement Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made Monday.

"The work coming from the Environmental Protection Division is more than just a significant source of revenue for the state; we are making Texas a better place to live," Paxton said. "This division minimized its costs while holding companies that impact our environment to a standard that first and foremost prioritized the lives of Texans."

The State of Texas and City of Dallas v. Bluestar Recycling contributed $55,000 and the removal of 75,000 tons of waste material; State of Texas v. Valero Energy Partners contributed $245,000; and USA and State of Texas v. City of Corpus Christi contributed $1,136,000.

Texas is also receiving a $6 million payment annually until 2033 from the Deepwater Horizon event that occurred in the gulf of Mexico in 2010.

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