Employees Urged to Play Games at Work?

Addison social media agency gives employees "A Minute To Win It"

From office politics to water cooler gossip, a lot of people play games at work. But few workplaces are like this.

Splash Media in Addison challenges its more than 60 employees who attend its once-a-week company meetings to complete games such as the ones seen on NBC's "Minute To Win It."

"They're really just to lift morale and have a little bit of fun," said Splash Media's Chris Kraft. "We work hard around here at Splash, and so we want to have some icebreaker moments, and it just kind of stuck."

"Minute To Win It" is a huge hit with church and school groups, which often post the games they play online.

But Splash, a social media agency, went even further, creating a brand-new challenge for the holidays called "Reindeer Games."

"They had a little red ball on the end of a string, and they'd hold the string in their mouths, and they'd have to kind of toss their head up to get the ball to stick to the Vaseline on the end of their nose," said Kandice Hughes, the game's co-creator.

After spotting Splash's video on YouTube, the "Minute To Win It" producers in Los Angeles chose to use the game on their show. The episode will air Dec. 14.

"I definitely posted it on my Facebook page and told a lot of people that we're going to be on there, so I'm going to definitely watch it maybe have my family over," Hughes said.

On the NBC show, contestants must complete 10 challenges to win $1 million. Winning just one game at Splash Media is worth $100 in cash.

"It's a tradition we started with our first game-thingy," Kraft said. "It was just going to be one. And it become so popular, we (are) doing them every week now."

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