Emmy Award Winning Actor Sterling K. Brown to Headline Dallas School's Event

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The Destiny Award Luncheon is the signature fundraising event for St. Philip's School and Community Center. All the money raised from the event goes to the programs that serve the more than 260 students enrolled at St. Philip's School, in addition to the more than 4,000 children, adults, and older adults active in the St. Philip's Community Center.

This year’s event will be headlined by a conversation with Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Sterling K. Brown.

NBC 5 spoke to Brown ahead of the event.

"I love young people. I believe in the power of education. my mother was a teacher up until the time that she retired, and she instilled in me to give back,” Brown said. “I think often with people of color seeing whatever it is allows them to make it real for themselves and a possibility for themselves. So, if I’m the ‘it’... like I can do that because Sterling Brown did that, then that is why I am here."

Brown also talked about the end of NBC’s hit, primetime show, ‘This Is Us’, which wrapped its sixth and final season in 2022.

"It felt good when it ended. Dan Fogelman, the creator of the show, had six seasons in mind from the start. He knew what the beginning, middle and the end of the show was, so if we went beyond that...it would have felt different. It would have felt wonky. So I’m glad the artistic integrity of the show remained throughout the end," Brown said.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss the people he worked with every day on the show.

"I miss the cast, the crew, the stories and who knows maybe a couple of years down there will be a this is us reunion. you never know. But for the time being, it’s just a text thread of lovely people talking to each other all the time. All good things must come to an end. Like that show taught us. Like that show taught us. but there is always something on the other side and as a man of faith i always look forward to seeing what God has for me on the other side,” Brown said.

He’s also staying busy with various projects in the works.

"There’s a few different movies in the can and a few different tv shows that are in the can and I’m moving into producing and I am trying to help other artists, especially marginalized artist of color tell their stories,” Brown said.

Since its inception, the Destiny Award Luncheon has raised over $5 Million to support essential educational and social service programs at St. Philip's School and Community Center.

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