Electric Scooters Back in Plano With Bird

Bird Rides, the e-scooter rental company, is the only bike and scooter share company permitted to operate in Plano

Bird Rides Inc. shared electric scooters in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California, U.S., on Thursday, May 13, 2021.
Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bird is bringing electric scooters back to Plano.

The bike and scooter rental company will start to distribute e-scooters throughout Plano on Monday, according to a press release.

As of Monday, no Bird scooters were available to ride in the city on its mobile app. In order to ride the scooters, users must download the app and pay a fee of $1 per ride and $0.39 per minute.

Per city ordinances, the scooters can not be ridden in four places in Plano: the Downtown district, Haggard Park, Memorial Park and Legacy Town Center District, specifically public sidewalks adjacent to commercial businesses.

In February 2018, the city of Plano passed its Bike & Scooter Share Program ordinance, and in November 2018, passed an update to the ordinance that required companies to get a permit before offering e-scooter rentals.

According to Plano newspaper Community Impact, three such bike-share companies existed in Plano before the ordinance passed unanimously in February, and Lime was the only company of the three to complete the permitting process.

Currently, Bird is the only bike and scooter share operator permitted to operate in Plano, according to the city's website, and is allowed a maximum of 1,000 "devices."

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