‘Eleanor Pigby' the Pot-Bellied Pig Back Home in Dallas

Eleanor Pigby, a 2-year-old pot-bellied pig who escaped her owner's backyard in far east Dallas earlier this week, has returned home safely.

"Great ending. What an adventure for a pig," said Lee Morgan, who was in charge of watching Eleanor for his daughter while she went out of town.

Somehow Eleanor got out of the backyard Monday, turning heads and quickly became the talk of the neighborhood as she wandered the streets.

"I said, 'A what? A pig.' And I said, 'I don't understand,'" said neighbor Daniel Rayas. "And she said, 'Oink, oink, oink, a pig!'"

Eleanor Pigby, a 2-year-old pot-bellied pig, is safely back home in far east Dallas after escaping while her owners were out of town.

But when Rayas saw her, he said he knew this was no ordinary pig.

"It was clean. It didn't have an odor or anything, so I'm like it has to be a pet," he said.

He then took Eleanor to his uncle's farm in Kaufman County and held onto her while he searched online for any "missing pig" posts.

Meanwhile, a friend of the pig's owners updated a Facebook post about their hooved pet being on the lam.

A connection was soon made, and Morgan drove to Kaufman to pick up Eleanor Wednesday and bring her home.

"My daughter is going to be so happy," Morgan said. "[And] yeah, I'm really relieved."

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