El Centro College Moves Forward One Year After Shootings

El Centro College in downtown Dallas has recovered physically from July 7, 2016, but emotional scars remain. The campus was where the chaotic night ended as police killed the gunman who had ambushed officers nearby.

The shooter fled inside the college after killing four officers. He killed a fifth — and two school officers were hurt — as he tried to enter a school building.

Dallas police killed him by detonating a robot-delivered bomb.

The damage from that blast and bullet holes have been repaired. Dr. Jose Adames, president of El Centro College, says the tragedy won't deter the school's mission.

"We're still feeling it. We will always remember it. But as I said before, that college won't be defined by that. I don't want to say that we've moved on, but we are doing the right things in terms of fulfilling our goals as an institution," Adames said.

Adames heaped praise on the officers for their bravery that night and says the tragedy has reinforced a sense of community and forged stronger relationships between the college and law enforcement.

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