EHarmony Creates Abort Button for Bad Dates

App helps gracefully end a bad date

The appetizer hasn’t arrived yet, but you’ve already realized that the date is going nowhere. He has spent more time talking about his sister-in-law than anything else. She sounds lovely. You had a sister once, but you are struggling to remember her.
It becomes apparent to you that this date has as much likelihood of success as a cruise on the Titanic. You’d pull the ripcord, but you’d just end up tangled in cords as you tried to run away. You plan to write eHarmony a thanks-but-no-thanks note, but only if you can escape.
Thankfully, eHarmony has thought about this and armed you with a tactful means to abort your date. Meet the Bad Date Rescue app: your discreet way to fake an emergency.
Choose from a wide-range of pre-recorded interruptions, ranging from a nagging mother who needs you to come fix her DVD player right away, to the more urgent needs of your sister who just went into labor.
For those brave enough to engage in a blind date, you can now feel confident in knowing a legitimate-seeming phone call can whisk you away to the safety of attending to a fictional emergency. 
As for your date: Call me, maybe.
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