Egrets Invade Carrollton

Homeowners in the 1900 block of Chamberlain Street in Carrollton are having egret, regrets.

"It's horrible," said Resident Liz Brown. "I just want them to go away," said her husband Mike.
The birds started nesting in the mature Oak Trees that line the street back in March, it was just a few at first, then a few dozen, then a few hundred, they now number right around 500 birds with more hatching everyday. 
The streets, mailboxes and cars along Chamberlain Street are whitewashed with bird waste.

"You park out front at your own risk," said Allyson Baughn, who canceled the family holiday barbecue and pool party because the pool was full of feathers and bird pooh not to mention the smell left behind by the waste in sweltering temperatures.

Things may only get worse. "Their numbers have grown they started in one tree and now they've spread all the way down the street and the two streets behind us," said Baughn.
The egrets, once nested, are federally protected which means they can’t be touched, they can’t even be disturbed even though they make enough noise to keep people up all night long.

Neighbors say the City of Carrollton has refused to clean the street because of concerns the noise could disturb the birds.
Carrollton’s Animal Control will come out and remove dead or injured birds but that’s about it and it’s believed that the birds will live in their nests until at least the fall.

"These birds are going to be here til the end of August, September, maybe even into the first part of October so we've got a long way to go," said Brown.

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