Editorial: Dallas' Old Traffic Lights Are Stopping Our City Cold

The recent storm knocked out more than 600 traffic signals

Although it often surprises out-of-towners, Dallas dwellers know it like clockwork: After the rain, it seems like every traffic light in town becomes a four-way stop. We've investigated the reasons why.

Between power outages, lightning strikes and rats chewing the cables, it all boils down to one problem: Dallas' signal lights are really old, and we've been far too slow to replace them.

While we understand that many important issues have to compete for the city's attention and money, the safety of Dallas drivers deserves higher priority in the city's budget. Instead of keeping Dallas safe and on par with other major cities, the city has allowed our traffic lights to age beneath our feet. Dallas installed most of its signal lights between 1940 and 1980, and most of those are still blinking away, far older than the 25-year life span of an average traffic light.

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