Economic Bust Turns Into Baby Boom

Doctors say it looks like the down economy has affected people's sex lives, in a good way. 

Nurses in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Baylor Medical Center Dallas say they've seen the number of deliveries jump in the past couple months.

"We've been hitting record numbers of patients and volumes the last few months," said Kristine Debuty, the director of labor and delivery at Baylor Dallas. "We are up on our deliveries 15% for the last few months. We've been overstaffing and keeping extremely busy."

Many couples opted to stay home to save cash during the summer and early fall, when news of the economic downturn hit.

"When people started cutting back, being at home a little more, that occurred last summer so those people are due now and that's where we are seeing this boom" said Dr. Yolanda Lawson.

"You're not going out as much so it forces you to spend more time with the love of your life. You just have to find more ways to have fun," said Trevor Dacey, who is expecting a baby. He said he and his wife did find other ways to "have fun" and now they are expecting their first child.

They weren't the only ones. Nurses in the Labor and Delivery unit said they are almost at capacity every day.

You might think a recession is the worst time to have a new baby with all the new expenses that come with one, but parents-to-be say a bundle of joy is just the beacon of hope they need in these tough times.

"I think having a baby definitely wants to make you work harder, gives you renewed passion. Hopefully, this baby will bring us some luck," said Dacey.

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