Easter Egg Hunt Allows Sight Impaired Kids to Find Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight

On Thursday morning, some students from Dallas ISD gathered at the Knights of Columbus to search for treasure hidden in plain sight.

"This is where you want to go," said Brittany Avila as she took her 5-year old daughter Aubrey by the hand. "You've gotta find it right there."

Aubrey is sight impaired. She has been since birth. She searched for Easter eggs with dozens of other children using her sense of hearing, listening for the eggs to 'beep'.

"They get to enjoy the experience of finding what's inside of it and enjoy the excitement of other kids," said DISD special education teacher Joey Martin.

Students used probing canes and their ears to hunt for eggs placed on plastic bags. Beepers beneath the plastic helped guide the way.

"It's not easy for anyone. That also helps you realize that you're not any different from anyone," said Rosa Hernandez, a sight impaired high school junior who came to the event to provide inspiration about what is possible to the younger children and their parents. "Whatever goal they have in life, they can do it."

"There is hope in everything," said Avila watching her daughter jump and dance with other children. She said she hopes Aubrey gets more out of the Easter egg hunt than some plastic eggs with candy inside. "Just that she leads a normal life and it doesn't stop her from being greater, because I know she's really smart."

The beeping Easter egg hunt was put on by Dallas ISD in conjunction with the AT&T Pioneers program.

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