East Dallas Neighbors Team Up Against Suspected Porch Pirate

Police are on the hunt for a porch pirate in an East Dallas neighborhood who has repeatedly snatched packages over the last several days. Meanwhile, neighbors are teaming up do everything within their power to stop the thefts.

"There's a few of us who just committed to donating an hour or two of our time to just have extra eyes and ears in the neighborhood, driving around looking for the vehicle," said neighbor Annie Smith.

Smith, who has called Lakewood home for three decades, gave up the first half of her Wednesday to circle the same few streets.

"Not to necessarily be vigilante, but just to be an extra set of eyes and ears," she said. "It just goes back to the days of neighborhood watch just like our parents had. I mean, our parents did neighborhood watch decades ago."

Neighbors in the Lakewood area of Dallas believe the same woman has stolen packages and mail from several homes.

At least a half-dozen neighbors have shared images captured by security cameras showing the person who they believe is snatching packages and even mail from front porches.

It happened to Nicole McBee when the homemade dog food she orders for her yorkies was grabbed while she sat inside her home Saturday night.

"You feel violated. It's an uneasy feeling," McBee said.

That's what inspired her to leave a trap in hopes the thief would return.

"That was dog poop. She took my dog's food on Saturday, so they left her a little thank you on Tuesday," McBee said.

She says it took just four hours before her security system alerted her that someone was on her porch. She's convinced it was the same woman returning yet again to take the bait.

It's a story that's made her a neighborhood hero as neighbors, once strangers, work hand in hand to take back their neighborhood from someone threatening to destroy their peace and security.

"It's just emboldened us a little, if we can to take a little bit back into our own hands," Smith said. "There's a great chance she'll be caught if she continues to do this kind of work in the neighborhood."

Dallas police continue their investigation.

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