Earth Day Provides Opportunity to Make Texas ‘Greener'

When it comes to the environment we all know green is good and "greener" is better.

A recent study by WalletHub, though, ranks Texas toward the bottom — 36th — of the "green" list. Some of the categories that the study considered are air quality, water quality and energy consumption.

"Eco-Friendly Behaviors" is another category where Texas placed poorly — 37th. This should come as no surprise considering all the gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs on Texas roads.

So what can we do as proud Texans to improve our ranking? While most of us aren't going to hand over the keys to our 4x4s any time soon, perhaps we can all take small steps to help the environment if we're not already. Some examples include car-pooling, public transit, working from home once per week, recycling and reusable bags instead of plastic.

Earth Day — April 22 — is an excellent opportunity for each of us to stop and consider how our lifestyles impact the environment.

The official Earth Day campaign this year is to promote environmental and climate literacy (

For more on Earth Week 2017 across North Texas:

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